T&C’s policy for E-commerce Merchant

       Co-operative Bank Ltd. (CB Bank) is supported Master Card payment gateway (MPGS) for E-commerce merchant.
Our Valued CB-Merchants by accessing and using the MPGS payment gateway for e-commerce integration, you need to accept and agree to the following terms of use "Terms of Use").

This agreement is that Visa and MasterCard allow the Merchant who wishes to market and sell its goods and/or services online under E-commerce business transaction by accepting both Visa & MasterCard cards from the customers as the method of payment, and appoint CB Bank to act as its acquiring bank in order to effect settlement of the purchase of such goods and/or services over E-commerce, subject to the terms and the conditions set out below. The agreement is only valid for the acceptance of customers’ Visa and MasterCard as a mean of payment by using CB Bank’s E-Commerce gateway.

“Terms of Use”

Please feel free to download T&C’s policy for E-commerce Merchant in following link.
PDF Myanmar Download Link : Download
PDF English Download Link : Download

Integration guide link for MPGS